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How is Ear Wax Removed from the Ear?

Toronto Hearing Health Clinic offers professional, safe and effective ear wax removal services for both children and adults. There are several different methods used to remove cerumen, or ear wax from the ear canal.  

Mechanical Tools: 

The removal of ear wax using a variety of stainless-steel instruments is a straightforward and effective method of removing ear wax. Audiologists using mechanical tools have a deep understanding of the ear and ear canal anatomy, infection control, and different removal techniques. If the ear wax is hard, an ear wax softening agent or an ear wax emulsifier, is used in the office to ensure the removal is easy and painless for the patient. Mechanical tools are used most often when the ear wax is closer to the surface of the ear canal. 


Microsuction is an extremely effective, safe, and comfortable method of ear wax removal. A medical grade ear wax suction device is used to suction ear wax out of the ear canal. The audiologist first examines the patient’s ear using a loupe (converged binocular vision glasses) or microscope to determine the depth and areas of ear wax build up.  A speculum (a type of funnel) is then placed into the ear canal, followed by the ear wax suction tube which removes occluding ear wax that is blocking the ear canal in an efficient manner. There is no liquid or water used during the procedure, eliminating any mess and potential discomfort that can be caused by irrigation. Some patients are unable to have micro suctioning due to a history of ear surgeries.  Candidacy for this method will be determined during the appointment by an audiologist. 


Irrigation uses a low-pressure system which gently forces water into the patient’s ear canal to flush out ear wax. Irrigation can be slightly uncomfortable for the patient, and some may feel a little bit dizzy. Irrigation is only used when microsuction or the use of mechanical instruments are not suitable options for the patient. 

At Home Care 

If patients are interested in some home-care, Toronto Hearing Health Clinic carries a product called Audiologist’s choice. It contains 6.5% carbamide peroxide and can be used at home to soften or loosen excessive ear wax. Depending on the severity of the impaction, this product might be enough to resolve the issue.

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