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Welcome to your Hearing Aid Clinic in Toronto!

We are not the average hearing aid clinic in Toronto! We encourage you to have an assessment and see why our approach is different. It starts by understanding the auditory system as a whole. For example, did you know your brain and your auditory system are closely connected? Toronto Hearing Health Clinic is a full service, patient-focused, audiology center that keeps your cognition in mind during your visit. We ensure that your hearing aid fitting is optimized, so you can participate fully in life as you grow wiser throughout the years! We offer ear wax removal, service all hearing aid manufacturers and much more. We look forward to meeting you soon!

  • Hearing Aids and your Cognition
  • Aural Rehab
  • Custom Hearing Protection
  • Unique technique
  • Overcome hearing loss

Audiologist Toronto - What to Expect

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We want to make sure you are happy with your choice

The best way to see how hearing aids can positively impact your life is by trying them out. At Toronto Hearing Health Clinic, a hearing aid trial is part of the program of care so you can be sure you’re happy with your hearing aids before committing. 

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Lifetime Service

We are happy to provide your hearing aid with a lifetime of service.

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We will work with your budget

Affordable hearing aid prices with interest-free financing options available. We also work with all major insurance providers to make the process of purchasing a hearing aid easy.

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We will refer you appropriately

Most hearing losses are not cause for medical concern, but at times hearing loss combined with other symptoms might be worth a referral. For example, sudden sensorineural hearing loss is considered a medical emergency that requires immediate intervention. You can be assured we will take good care of you at Toronto Hearing Health Clinic and refer you appropriately when needed.

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We will help you make an informed decision

At Toronto Hearing Health Clinic, your Toronto audiologist will help you choose the right hearing aid style from all major hearing aid brands: Phonak, Oticon,Unitron, Starkey, Signia, Widex, Resound and Bernafon.

Our Services

Hearing Aids and Your Cognition

Your brain and your hearing are closely related. It might seem surprising, but how your brain function’s is linked to how well you will perform with your hearing aid and how clearly you can identify speech in noise. At Toronto Hearing Health Clinic, cognitive screenings are a routine part of the hearing aid evaluation process. By having an understanding of how you perform cognitively, your audiologist in Toronto will have more information to help you select the best hearing aid for you, better rehabilitation options, and better assistive device recommendations, to ensure we optimize the benefit you receive from your hearing aid(5).

Cognitive screenings are part of the Toronto Hearing Health Clinic’s program of care. With proper hearing aid fittings, hearing aid use on behalf of our patients and other rehabilitation options such as aural rehab, your brain will have the best opportunity to stay in great shape as you grow wiser throughout the years!

Toronto Audiology – Why We Use Cognitive Screening

Studies have shown that cognitive function can impact hearing aid use. Information gained by a cognitive screener can tell audiologists valuable information on what hearing aid technology or assistive devices you will benefit from the most. It will also give your audiologist information on how to best fit your hearing aid, and give your family doctor valuable information on your health. As an added service, counselling on how to make lifestyle improvements that are brain friendly will be offered to all patients.

Early detection and intervention are key to staying sharp as you grow wiser(1,3)!

Toronto Audiology - Aural Rehab and Hearing Aid Rehabilitation

Properly fit hearing aids are a key component to hearing better. Studies have shown that the brains of people who have poorly fit hearing aids still look like they have a mild hearing loss, which could mean an increased risk of accelerated cognitive decline(3). Ensuring hearing aids are properly fit and offering other rehab options like aural rehab have been shown to improve working memory and hearing speech in noise. While more research is needed, some studies have shown that properly fit hearing aids can attenuate the accelerated cognitive decline shown in those with untreated hearing loss, with one study quoting hearing aids to slow the progression of dementia by 75%(1-3).

Health Impacts Linked with Hearing Loss

Pricing plans

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Light session


  • 6 session / month
  • Duration 30 minutes
  • Group meetting
  • Personal meeting
  • Support 24 hours

Standard session


  • 6 session / month
  • Duration 30 minutes
  • Group meetting
  • Personal meeting
  • Support 24 hours

Individual session


  • 6 session / month
  • Duration 30 minutes
  • Group meetting
  • Personal meeting
  • Support 24 hours

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    Toronto Hearing Health Clinic is located in the lower level of the Magenta Health Centre next to Phipps Bakery, inside the Momentum Building

    There is ample complimentary street parking and a Green P (location ID 047) on 125 Burnaby Blvd, behind the Starbucks and Summerhill Market. Please use the code ‘crosstown’ in the Green P Parking App for up to 2 hours of free parking

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Signs that you might benefit from a hearing aid:
    – Difficulty in loud situations like a restaurant or a family gathering
    – Watching TV with the volume turned up high or with closed captions or subtitles
    – Having to ask individuals to repeat themselves

    To confirm, go for an independent assessment from a certified audiologist in Toronto.

    Ensure the professional is an audiology graduate and is on the College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario (CASLPO) list. Check credentials and reviews from the best audiologists in Toronto.

    Hearing aids can significantly improve your hearing and communication in daily life. They cannot restore your hearing but can make improvements, so you hear the best with the hearing you have. 

    If your hearing aid does not work, the best thing to do is visit your Toronto hearing center for an examination. They can detect and fix problems with your hearing aid so that it’s as effective as possible.

    The length of the warranty for hearing aids in Toronto varies, but it is typically three years and covers maintenance, service, and repairs. Most Toronto audiology clinics also offer a two-year loss and damage warranty. You can enjoy a lifetime of service at Toronto Hearing Health Clinic (inquire for details at the clinic) and a minimum manufacturer warranty of three years. If you already have hearing aids and are unsure of your warranty, inquire when you visit your particular audiology clinic in Toronto.

    Your audiologist in Toronto will recommend ways to adjust to the new hearing levels while explaining how much progress can realistically be predicted from the hearing aids. Follow-up visits ensure that the hearing aids are performing as they should and continue to fit appropriately based on hearing loss, which is checked regularly for patients at Toronto Hearing Health Clinic.

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