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Meet your Toronto Audiologist

Irene Nicholaou is an audiologist in Toronto, with over a decade of work in the field of audiology. Irene graduated with honours from McMaster University with an Honours Bachelor of Science, specializing in the biological sciences, with microbiology being a passion of hers. Irene then went on to graduate from Western University with a Master’s in Clinical Science in Audiology.

Western is one of the world’s most prestigious schools for audiology, being one of the few universities in the world deriving a prescriptive algorithm for fitting hearing aids. Irene worked as an in-house audiologist for one of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers and then moved on to their business development team. After spending fours years in industry, Irene and a fellow audiologist opened a small group of clinics in southwestern Ontario. Having sold that successful group of clinics, Irene was ready to move closer to home and introduce her dedication to patient care to the Toronto area.

Irene is passionate about learning and has a strong desire to ensure her patients are always leaving the clinic happy with their services, and of course, with their hearing aids!

Audiologists in Toronto-Toronto Hearing Health Clinic

Toronto Hearing Health Clinic is an audiology owned and patient focused clinic that keeps your brain health in mind when treating hearing loss. When assessing hearing loss, treating hearing loss with hearing aids, assistive devices, or other rehabilitation strategies; maximizing your brain’s ability to manage speech in difficult situations is the focus of care, along with your overall brain health.

There is an abundance of research which links hearing loss and accelerated cognitive decline, and Toronto Hearing Health Clinic aims to offer therapy options that give your brain the best chance to thrive in challenging hearing situations. Aural rehab has been proven to help increase hearing aid benefit. Studies show that other rehab options, like music training, showlong-term effects which include better working memory, increased brain volume, better access to language and executive function. Regular cognitive screenings, like the ones available at Toronto Hearing Health Clinic, will also help track progress and allow for early intervention should issues arise.

Research has also shown that early intervention and lifestyle modifications are imperative to cognitive health, and negative effects can be slowed with early intervention (1-3).Patients also have the opportunity to speak to a cognitive health advisor to gain more information onhealthylifestyle advice as it pertains to brain health.

Audiology in Toronto - Choosing a Regulated Health Professional

Audiology is a regulated health care act in Ontario, and audiologists fall under the same Regulated Health Professions Act as physicians and nurses. The Regulated Health Care Act. 1991 aims to protect the general public and ensures professionals practice ethically and competently.

Audiology owned clinics cannot make claims that they offer the “best hearing aid services in Toronto” or claim to be experts in their field, despite many of them having 6 years of post-secondary education in related fields. If you are seeing an audiologist, you can be certain they are following strict best practice guidelines and offer the highest quality of patient care.

Choosing a regulated Health Care Professional means:

What is CASLPO

CASLPO stands for College of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology. This is the governing body that regulates Audiologist’s in Ontario and ensures they are adhering to best practice protocols, meaning your audiologist is providing a high standard of patient care. Audiologist’s hold a Master’s of Clinical Science at a minimum standard in Canada and are required to stay active in their field of practice while they engage in clinical care.


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