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What to Expect When You Get Your First Hearing Aid at Toronto Hearing Health Clinic

1. Case History

Your audiologist will find out important information about your lifestyle, overall health as it pertains to your hearing, regular activities and hearing concerns.

2. Hearing Test

Your audiologist will use middle ear testing, acoustic reflex tests, air conduction, bone conduction, speech testing as well as speech in noise testing to learn what type of hearing loss you have and what treatment or referral options you would benefit from.

3. Cognitive Screening

Your cognition strongly relates to how well you will perform with your hearing aids. This will reveal important information about what devices will suit you best, as well as relay important information to your family doctor about your overall health. The results of the screener will be discussed at your discretion and will be relayed to your family doctor with your consent.

4. Counselling

Based on the results we see from the hearing test and the cognitive screener, appropriate treatment options and referrals will be made.

5. Hearing Aid Evaluation

If hearing aids are the best treatment option, hearing aid styles and technology will be reviewed. Depending on what’s important to you, how well you wish to function in challenging noise situations, information from intake and your budget, a technology level will be recommended.

6. Hearing Aid Trial

Often the best way to understand how a hearing aid works for you in your day-to-day life is by trying it out. This is encouraged at Toronto Hearing Health Clinic so you can feel confident you made the right choice and you are happy with your hearing aids.

7. Hearing Aid Fitting

Once you are satisfied with your hearing aid selection, your hearing aid will be fit according to your comfort and hearing thresholds. Your hearing aid will also be verified to ensure it is optimized for speech understanding.

8. Hearing Aid Orientation

Once the hearing aid is fit to your individual hearing thresholds, you will be counselled and trained on the specifics of your hearing device, whether it be cell phone function, TV accessories, or individual hearing aid programs, you will know the nitty gritty of how your hearing aid works based on your unique fitting.

9. Program of Care

Follow up appointments, regular hearing tests and cognitive screens will also be part of your on-going care once a hearing aid is prescribed from Toronto Hearing Health.

10. Aural Rehab

Additional education and therapy options are available to help your brain better access hearing in noise, help improve auditory memory, and much more!

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