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Health Impacts Linked with Hearing Loss

People with untreated hearing loss have accelerated brain tissue atrophy, or brain volume shrinkage, of an additional cubic centimeter per year.

This is about the size of a green pea or a chocolate chip.

This is likely due to decreased input in the auditory cortex. Over time, the lack of stimulation causes the brain to decrease in volume because it is not being utilized.

Increased Risk Of Falls

Even with a mild hearing loss, people have 3X increased risk of falling. Every 10dB increase in hearing loss increases an individuals risk of falling.1.4 fold

Increased Incidence of Depression

Studies have shown that hearing loss is associated with increased depression and decreased quality of life. Older adults with untreated hearing loss reported increased feelings of isolation, dependence, and loneliness. A decrease in hearing often means a decrease in the ability to communicate and individuals withdraw socially. Well fit hearing aids can help individuals communicate better resulting in an increase in social interactions.

Heart Disease, Stroke and Diabetes

The cochlea is the organ inside the ear which is responsible for helping us hear. The cochlea, heart and kidney seem to have a lot in common, and when something is bad for the heart or the kidneys, it seems to be bad for the cochlea as well. A change in blood flow can very negatively impact the cochlea. Heart disease, as well as diabetes can restrict blood flow to many vital organs, including the organ of hearing, depriving it of oxygen and impacting the cellular environment causing damage as well as hearing loss.

Socioeconomic Impacts

Hearing loss has been associated to lower socioeconomic status, even when race, sex, age and education were accounted for. Individuals with hearing loss were 1.58 times higher risk of having lower income, and were 1.98 times more likely to be unemployed as compared to their normal hearing peers(1).

Individuals with untreated hearing loss were also shown to make $30 000 less in household income as compared to their normal hearing counterparts, depending on the degree of hearing loss. Hearing aids were shown to mitigate the disparity in income by 90-100% for those with a mild hearing loss, and 66-77% for those with a moderate or severe hearing loss (3).

While the stats might be surprising, hearing loss affects an individual’s ability to communicate effectively in a workplace, listen to directives from colleagues or management, and could even impact training for a new job. The simple act of using effective communication strategies combined with properly fit hearing aids can dramatically change daily communication in the workplace in a very positive way! 

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